(1311-01-01) A Scattering of Snowflakes
Summary: Fragments taken from Lady Odile's most recent chapbook, A Scattering of Snowflakes.
RL Date: 01/01/1311
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I saw her heart break.
It struck her heel-deep,
A soldier's boot punched
Through the crust of ice.
That's how I imagine it,
Hitting that most tender
Of organs like knuckles
Against a frost melon.

I saw her heart break.
Intact rind, pulped core.

Some days I feel frost-smeared, frayed as the rime of ice collected
On these window pains: breathe too harshly and I'll simply have to
melt away.

Don't tell me your word is as true as your heart.
There's a void in every heart, in the tidal surge
Of every pulse. Unsteady heart, untrue heart—
You race, you churn, you lift and push and ache

But always

Between every promise: the negative space,
Hollows emptied, promise unfulfilled.
Rocks are true and trees untouched by fire;
Slate grey skies and earth kissed by snow-melt.

Not a heart. Not a word. Not you.

Look, I'll make of myself a cup for you:
Here is my hand, and here is the place
Where you can rest your cheek, or
Maybe your hopes.

I'll close my eyes while you choose.

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