(1310-12-30) A Note for Mother
Summary: A letter started by Rajiya for her mother back in Bhodistan. It is written in her native tongue.
RL Date: 23/01/2019
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Bhodistan Suite, Ambassador Tower, City of Elua

Seated at the small writing desk within the suite of rooms allocated to her by the King and Queen within the City of Elua, Rajiya puts quill to parchment to begin the letter that will be sent to Bhodistan once reaching Marsilikos. There are no scratches, no crumbled parchment where a letter is started over. She writes with some thought and care, though rambling slightly as she might in conversation with the D'Angeline woman who lives so far away.

Dear Mama,

You will have to forgive me for being remiss in writing sooner. There has been so much to take in, so many meetings with people, that I have never finished a letter that I sat down to start. But, I intend to do so now, for there are so many things to tell you about now. You told me my life would never be the same once I stepped on board the ship to leave Bhodistan for Terre d'Ange, and I thought then, it would not change that much. How right you were, mama, how right you were.

I currently sit writing this letter while facing the end of the year, within the City of Elua. I came with some friends to attend the Longest Night at the Palace, and also take the chance to introduce myself to both King and Queen. That meeting went well, and I know papa and uncle will like the agreements that have been sealed - those trade agreements and official letters will be delivered at the same time as this letter finds your hands, no doubt.

But, to begin, do you recall the Courtesan that helped me back in Chi'in so many years ago? Would you believe that I ran into him while visiting Naamah's Temple within Marsilikos? He has recently returned to Terre d'Ange from his travels of learning. I have spoken with him several times, and he's given me good advice when I have needed it. I thank the gods and goddesses, including Elua and his Companions, that I happened to cross paths with him once more.

In Marsilikos, I have had the chance to meet various nobles. I wrote also to some of your Sommerville cousins, though as of yet, have not heard back from them. One afternoon, I met a young lord by the name of Drake Rousse, his sister, Jelene being the Viscomtesse de Draguignan of Eisande. We talked several times, and I agreed to help him learn Chi'in, as he had plans to travel there to set up some trade agreements. He took me riding out to see some of his family's lands where they grow grapes for wine. I admit, he is quite charming. It is he and his sister, and an older friend of theirs, Lady Philomène Aiglemort de Chalasse, Vicomtesse de Gueret of L'Agnace, that I traveled with from Marsilikos to the City of Elua, and with whom I have found myself in companionship while here within the city. I do believe you and Lady Philomene would be friends, for she has offered me advice in a way that reminds me of you.

On the trip, I allowed myself to grow closer to Drake. I knew it was silly of me to do so, with him being unlanded, but I could not help it. When I spoke with the King and Queen, I told them that I did care for him, but would follow what they would think best for both our countries. In the end, I should not have worried, for once more, fate would step in.

Did you know that cousin Shahrukh was here in Terre d'Ange? And that he and Jelene knew one another from both Tiberium and Angeloume? I am certain that by now, you know of their betrothal, and that she travels home to Bhodistan to live there? Count me surprised when the news came, and that she was turning her title over to Drake so that he would be able to make the offer for my hand.

I said yes, mama, and gladly so! Like you and papa, we are lucky to be able to care for one another, even while this political match is made. We shall be married come late spring. I hope that you and papa might sail here to visit and meet Drake. Please say you will speak with papa about doing so?

Ah, but your descriptions of this city and it's people pale when faced with the truth of it. From Elua's Square to the Palace, to the temples and even Mont Nuit, I do not think I could have amply prepared for any of it. The Queen lent me several gowns for the celebration, and I did wear one, if only that I would be dressed in D'Angeline fashion rather than Bhodistan, thus keeping my identity somewhat secret at first. It was a beautiful gown of fiery reds, oranges and yellows that I paired with a red mask of a dragon's face. I know, it sent a subtle message to the royals that did come true, of who I wanted. The royals entered and… mama.. they were… I cannot describe it. The king was dressed as the sun, the queen his moon, and their children the stars themselves. Nothing could compare to their costumes, but in truth, there were so many beautiful ones there. And from what you told me, and others, the costumes upon Mont Nuit would have been ever more lovely.

I have spent a little time upon the Mont Nuit, learning more about the various Houses. I have attended some entertainment both alone and with Drake. It is both strange and not so strange, to do so with him. I've been offered a gift by the Lady Philomene to visit a House, to truly see what all they may have to offer before we leave the City to return to Marsilikos. I have given it throught, both what you might would advise, and what another might tell me, and think I may visit Jasmine House, if only to be able to compare it to Bhodistan as they are said to favor!

In a few days, we are to pack and make the trip back to Marsilikos where I hope to seal this letter, and get it off on a ship with the other correspondence that I am sending to papa and uncle. If I add nothing else to this letter before doing so, know that I am truly happy with this decision, and that you would see it with your own eyes, should you and papa come to visit!

Your loving daughter,

In addition…
When you and papa come, I have a request to make of something to ask uncle about. For our wedding gift from him, could he please send a pair or two of those striped animals he has a herd of from the leader in Menekhet or Carthage. The zebras? I would dearly love to gift a couple of breeding pairs to Drake, who could not believe my stories of them, and would find them most humorous to own! I dare say they would fair far better than an elephant… though, could you bring my dear Sariko and maybe even Gowri, when you come as well? I miss them both so…

For now, the letter remains with other letters in a leather pouch, to be sealed before being handed over once reaching Marsilikos to be taken to Bhodistan.

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