(1310-12-22) Shattered Glass
Summary: The Duchesse of Eisande and the Dowager Marquise de Fhirze talk about the glass icicle incident of the Midwinter Ball.
RL Date: 25/01/2019
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Armandine's Study — Eisande Ducal Estate — City of Elua

Contrary to what custom would demand, Charlène Morhban de Fhirze was not staying at the Namarre Ducal Estate in Elua, nor did she reside in the Estate for those of Kusheth. Caused perhaps by some bad blood due to this or that, the Dowager Marquise de Fhirze enjoyed the hospitality of none other than Armandine Mereliot, Duchesse de Eisande and Lady of Marsilikos.

After staying up late on the previous eve, caught in celebrations held for the Longest Night, no one would have expected Charlène to be up early — and yet, here she was. Clad in dark violet garb, her black hair gathered in a loose fashion that still allowed some strands to spill, she entered the study of the Duchesse, dipping into a rather informal curtsey, before she was pulled up by hands reaching for hers, hands of Armandine.

Concern was written of the features of the Eisandine lady as she took Charlène's hand to lead her over towards a pair of chairs, not too far from the hearth where a fire was crackling and spreading comfortable warmth that was much needed on such a clear winter day. Armandine was attired in a dress of blue, featuring a line of fish, shimmering golden upon the darker fabric of the gown. Her blonde hair twirled and captured within a golden hairnet, she looked splendid as ever, her smile a vibrant echo of her warm-hearted personality.

"What happened last night…", Armandine began, her voice lowered as she glanced towards the departing servants, "has been a rather worrying coincidence, don't you think?"

Charlène's brown eyes seemed to darken, and her smile faded into a thoughtful cast. Turning her head, some of those dark strands brushed over her shoulder, as the Dowager Marquise looked towards the window, as if to make sure no one was there that could overhear her reply. "If you wonder whether I had any hand in it…", she began, and there focus and face turned once again to Armandine, the tone perhaps a little sharper than intended. "I assure you, that I did not know any of this, nor would I have planned such a…" Her brows furrowed. "What shall we call it? Attempt at Quintien de Morhban's life?"

"That." Armandine lifted her brows a bit pointedly perhaps. "Or… a mishap, unfortunate and unforeseen by anyone. A regrettable coincidence." Despite the slightly lowered volume of her voice, Armandine's words cut crisply through the relative silence of the room. "In case of the latter, there is nothing we can do, and no one could blame either of us.", she added then. "In case of the former… Hmm… Then we should wonder who would have had the audacity to plan this, and put that plan into action."

Her dark-haired guest considered this for a moment. "I have no idea.", Charlène finally said with a shrug. "But I suppose, Quintien may have his own theory in regards to the question who did it." A mirthless chuckle. "A glass icicle. As if I would resort to mere props if I wished him dead."

"Would you?" Grey-blue eyes lingered, studying Charlène thoughtfully. "If he thought this is all your doing, we should start to worry. Even more than we already do." Then, a slight shift in tone. "What are your plans now, that Longest Night has passed? Will you return to Namarre to your son?"

"I'd better not. This might bring him into danger.", Charlène replied to Armandine gravely. "Could I…?"

"…Rely further on my hospitality, my dear?" Mirth touched Armandine's features for a moment, before her cast dimmed, leaving a somewhat intense expression in her eyes. "I insist on it. Return with me to Marsilikos. Stay there, while I have my people investigate. There have been leads that I need to hear back on."

Relief was shown in the way, the Dowager Marquise exhaled through her nose while her lips pressed together for a moment, as if afraid of letting slip immediate words of gratitude or some curse for those that had brought her into this situation.

"So be it, then.", Charlène said then, turning her dark gaze towards Armandine Mereliot, meeting that gaze as she nodded her head.

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