(1310-12-22) Betwixt Harpoon and Temple
Summary: Somewhere's between Harpoon Lane and Eisheth's Temple… Gwenaelle is taken.
RL Date: December 27, 2018
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The Longest Night lives up to it's name every year. Or it does for some. Those that take part in the celebrations that circle Terre d'Ange, likely wish the night to continue on and on. For those that don't, morning's light slowly fills the horizon over a city that has passed out.

Watching over a couple of Acolytes within Eisheth's Temple, Sister Gwenaelle leans against the wall, half lost in thought. She's drawn from them when a shadow passes hurried across the entry. "Please.. a healer??" Pushing off the wall, Gwen steps forwards, "I am one. What is your need, good sir?" Deep green eyes already study the man, taking note of the drops of sweat, the flush of his skin that suggest a fever, and the rattle in his chest when he breathes.

The sailor turns to her, "Thank Eisheth. Please.. my wife and son are sick. They need help." Before Gwen might suggest that they be brought there to the temple's infirmary, the man is already shaking his head, "They are too sick to move. It's been almost four or five days, and they're getting worse. Please, sister.." His words fade into a coughing fit that leaves him winded and trying to catch his breath.

"Alright, sir. Wait here. Let me get some things from the infirmary." Gwenaelle says, ordering one of the acolytes nearby to stay with the sailor, to fetch him a glass of water to sip on while she gathers what she might need. Hurrying off to the infirmary, she steps into the store room, gathering what all she thinks she might need, from herbs for tea and vapors that might aid in clearing the head. As she exits, pulling on her cloak, she passes Brother Marin, "Headed to the docks to help a family.." She's gone before he can ask much more.

Returning to the temple, Gwenaelle finds the sailor whom introduces himself as Johan. "Take me to your family, and we'll see about helping them out." They take the return trip to Johan's small shack slower so he doesn't start coughing again. Stepping inside, the priestess finds the mother abed with the infant son, both sick, though it's the infant's rattling chest that has the priestess worried the most. A tea is set to steeping over the fire while she helps the little one as only she might with soft prayers to her Companion.

Hours might pass, and by the time she finally draws herself back up, the family is doing better. Good enough that Gwenaelle feels okay about leaving them. "I need to go fetch some more medicine, and another couple of healers from the temple to help out the others here. Keep drinking the tea every few candle marks. Make sure your son feeds as often as he will take the breast." The last said to the mother who nods in understanding.

Pulling on her cloak, Gwenaelle steadies herself, having exerted herself this morning in helping the family. A deep breath is taken and released before she gives them a smile, "I'll be back sometime this afternoon with other healers.." With those words, she ducks out of their small shack, and begins to head away from Harpoon Lane. She nods to the small group standing around a brazier at the head of the street, telling them as well that she would return later with healers from the temple.

Turning onto a street, she heads for the temple, her head filled with the thoughts of what all needed to be fetched. Lists that she's checking twice. Maybe even three times.

When the bump to the back of her head comes as she passes an alley, she is caught completely by surprise. Down the priestess goes in a pool of robes and cloak, to be drug off by a couple of men into the dark alley.

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