(1310-12-22) A Bad Morning
Summary: The abduction of Lois.
RL Date: 24/12/2018
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Market Promenade — Marsilikos

Longest Night. It would have you wake up on the following morning, with a head heavy with hangover from joie. Especially when waking up in the Court de Nuit.

Untangling herself from a compatriot, in whose arms Lois had fallen asleep in, the Coquelicot adept got dressed, and wrapped herself in a warm cloak. A heavy head needed air, and so she went out, smiling at the low grumble of Geoffroi, the guard who trailed after her.

All the way to the Market Promenade, where people slowly started to gather on this late morning. A few stands were open already. It was here that Lois looked through a few lengths of fabric, that someone — something — caught her eye.


A young lad winked at her from the entrance to a narrow alley, and Lois looked up.

That was when the commotion started.

Suddenly there was a ruckus, people shouting. "THIEF! Catch the thief!"

Geoffroi edged closer to Lois, ready to protect her. Slowly he backed away with her, unintentionally perhaps, towards the narrow alley.

The attack came unexpected, and the young redhead flinched, when an armed man in a dark cloak suddenly went at the guard. The guard drew his sword, cursing below his breath. While a startled sound escaped Lois nó Coquelicot and she took a few steps further backwards.

With widening eyes, she beheld how Geoffroi was struck down, hit with something heavy over his head, a club of sorts, from someone else who had sneaked up from behind.

Only a moment, before she felt a sudden pain upon her own head, from a strike that knocked her out as swiftly as her slender and frail physique would suggest.

Through the haze of her fading consciousness, Lois managed to notice how her collapsed body was lifted and carried off. Before darkness fell upon her, trapping and numbing her sudden panic, quashing it beneath the heavy black void of fading senses.

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