(1310-12-06) Marque Complete
Summary: Fiorella has finished her marque.
RL Date: 06/12/2018
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Fiorella's Chamber - Le Lis d'Or

Being much the same size as other Courtesan rooms, it certainly doesn't lack the seeming opulence the rest of the Salon possesses. The color theme in this room being an overtone of sensual topaz touched with hints of black and grey; the walls are a dove grey, while the plush rugs found laying over the floors are a masterwork of grey, black and hints of shimmering topaz. Thick, black brocade drapes frame the large windows on one wall. From high ceilings hang elaborate, crystal chandeliers which disperse any shadows night and day. Upon the walls, hang various tasteful paintings. In the area near the entrance, there is a cozy love seat around the fireplace. To the other side lies a small desk and chair for personal used. Around a carved screen lies the bed.

A large dark wood bed is set in middle of the area, it's head and foot boards carved with delicate scrollwork. The bed has large pillows, a sinfully comfortable mattress, rich topaz silk sheets and a thick comforter, while a riot of pillows in black and grey are heaped at the headboard. There's a small bedside cabinet with drawers topped by a small ornate oil lamp, while a small wardrobe lies in the far corner opposite the bed.

"Yes, thank you, that is exactly what I was looking for, Annette." Fiorella replies to a novice who brings in a wooden box that serves as a lap desk, complete with quill, a bottle of ink, and parchment. As the adept leaves, the new Courtesan turns, her dress to swirl about her legs as she takes in her new room.

"Finally, no more listening to Georgia snore.." The words are whispered to herself in her mother's tongue of Caerdiccian. Slowly does she make her way about the room, touching this pillow on a chair, fixing that knick-knack on a table. The lapdesk is set aside before she continues, circling the screen that separates her sitting area from her bed, steps taking her towards the wardrobe, "I will need to speak with the seamstress about fixing my dresses." Making a list of things that will need doing, "And perhaps see if she can prepare a gown for the fete.." Being acknowledged by not only her Philomene, but the Salon as well, means no longer must she hide her marque beneath her dress, but show it off for all to see!

Fiorella takes a step that leads into another, the young woman practically dancing towards her bed in an overabundance of emotion not usually seen from the composed young woman. Pausing, she does a few more steps, then spins wildly about a few times before falling back on the bed's expanse where she lays with a broad smile upon her lips. "I did it mama.. I did it.. I told you I would do well here, that I would become an even better cortigiana onesta than even you were…"

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