(1310-11-04) Past, Present, Future
Summary: Fen reflects on his life so far.
RL Date: 04/11/1310
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Infirmary — Marsilikos

Situated within the beautiful greenery of the gardens of Eisheth, along the coastline not too far from the harbour and in view of the Citadel that guards the entrance to the port of Marsilikos, is the infirmary, a one storey building of white stone and simple architecture that has been enhanced with classical elements, as if inspired by the buildings of ancient Hellene culture. Traces of columns, half-worked into the walls can be found on all sides of the infirmary. An archway frames the sturdy oak door of the entrance, white stone worked with impressive masonry skill into a bas-relief, depicting a female in robes holding a roll of bandages and a vial of sorts to the left and a male healer to the right with a scroll in one hand, while the other is lifted in lecturing gesture, as if he were giving a medical diagnosis.

The hall beyond is agreeably cool during hot summers and kept warm in cold winters, through a large hearth that governs the center of the long wall to the right. It is here in this hall that the majority of patients will be treated immediately, and so there are a number of curtains that divide the space into areas with cots. In times of need, the space can be stacked up to hold two dozen beds. The vicinity of the gardens allows for the soothing tranquility of nature to become part of the process of recovery, chirping of birds, wisps of casual conversation reaching those inside through the line of arched windows that sit higher up at the walls. It also serves a source of lighting during the day, whereas a number of oil lamps at the walls are lighted during evenings and nights.

Close to the entrance, there is a door to the left that leads to the infirmary's office, where records of patients are being kept, along with other book keeping of supplies and the like. Another archway opens from the hall into a hallway, where secluded rooms are provided for harder cases, long-term treatments and those of higher standing and the wish for more privacy. These chambers are plain yet well kept, immaculately clean, with sheets of the more comfortable beds being changed regularly. In each chamber, an arched window offers light during the day, and a pair of two chairs offer seating to healers or the occasional visitor a patient may receive.

Fenris grumbles quietly as he sits in the bed, book in hand. Quill to paper with his newly healed hand, he writes:

My whole life has been filled with the knowledge that tomorrow could be my last. If I was just slow enough or wasn't fierce enough… I was fine with that life. It made sense. It's all that I knew. I was raised to be a fierce warrior proud of my Skaldic heritage. At night, when the others slept I gave my soul and body to something bigger. I was as happy as I thought I'd ever be.

I was beaten in battle by two D'Angelines. One saw me and knew I was no Skaldi but a D'Angeline. My sworn enemies. I was brought all the way into the heart of their city and I tried to be me. Loin cloths and rocks for weapons is not allowed in Marsilikos. I was taught to bow properly and I'm learning to read and write from a baker.

Two life altering things have happened to me since I arrived. I met my uncle who is a Duc. He explained what happened to my family and gave me the names of my parents. It was heartwarming to feel I was not alone anymore. I was still lonely though. I tried to reach out to find lovers but they always had divided hearts.

Thee second life altering moment was in the rain. I was going through the market place and a man was standing in the rain enjoying it. He was so beautiful and free - or so I thought. My friend was more forward than I was and suddenly I was in a tent and falling for this man. His story breaks my heart and I want to shield him from his pain. How someone could easily treat someone else that way… then again I was a toy. I guess it's a raw nerve.

If I had my wish, I'd steal him away from all his pain and take him hunting where ever he wanted to go. We'd hunt the world over and never settle. Just us. In the wild as blissful as bears in winter. But I cannot steal him away. I can only care for him with all I have and hope that is enough.

Am I enough? Sometimes I don't know. Nephew of a Duc and in love with a man whose married. How my life has turned. Perhaps the future will bring more of me out.

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