(1310-10-29) Cross My Heart and Hope To Die...
Summary: Early in the morning, Lady Ailene Trevalion receives a very ominous gift…
RL Date: 11/02/2018
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29 October 1310 — Twin Suite, Trevalion Town House, Around 9:00am

It is a crisp fall morning. Lady Ailene Trevalion is lounging upon the settee in the parlor area which connects her chambers with those of her twin sister. Her lover, Lord Thibault Charlot, had departed less than an hour ago, having returned to his own residence in the city after spending the night here. She is alone now, and still in her sleeping robes. As she lounges, she sips at her strong, milky black tea and tries to awake fully.

A knock sounds on the door to the suite. Cocking one eye open and raising that brow, she calls out, "You may enter!"

A servant enters, looking somewhat confused, but smiles. "My Lady, this was delivered to you just now." she tells her. She holds out a large burlap back.

Ailene blinks awake and sits up, motioning for the woman to set it upon the table nearby. Once she does so, the servant curtsies and leaves, leaving the Lady alone once more, now with her gift.

Ailene eyes this strangely wrapped parcel. "Is it from…Ammy?" she muses, taking note of the rough hewn burlap. "Why would he send me anything?" She shakes her head and then shrugs. Whatever. It is a gift! She giggles happily and proceeds to unwrap it.


Silence for long moments….

Then, a series of loud, terrified screams!

Silence again….

Then, cursing. Loud and angry, expletives that would make a sailor blush.

The Lady looks down at what has been delivered to her. It is the heart of some kind of large animal. She has a pretty good idea who sent it to her and it makes her body tremble in fear. Still, she is a Trevalion and her eyes spark with anger at the audacity this person had to dare to come to her home and leave something like this.

She squares her shoulders and raises her chin, then stomps into her chambers. A while later, she emerges, dressed normally for the day, but sporting her bow and quiver of arrows upon her back. A frown mars her face. She will be taking no chances. She stomps over to the sack and picks it up with a little feminine growl of anger. She departs the room, and walks down the hall, down the stairs, and into the rose garden. There, she throws the sack as far as she can out into the garden. Next, she reaches for her bow and an arrow. With a curse under her breath she readies and then shoots the arrow at the heart. She hits her target and growls. She reaches for another. Shoots again. Again. And again. Until that animal heart has been pierced with countless arrows.

Done, and feeling more resolute, she returns her bow to her back. She takes a deep, satisfied breath, and then turns to head back into the house. She will inform Thibault later when they go visit Fenris together. Then, they both can tell Fenris what has happened, and make a plan.

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