(1310-10-28) Letter to a Brother
Summary: Aurélie writes a letter to her brother Gregoire
RL Date: 02/11/2018 (date of creation)
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Aurelie's Chambers — L'Envers Residence

A friendly looking place, light drapes, dark purple curtains with some gauze added playfully to add a certain light reminiscence of former innocence to the room. There is a table between two long-backed chairs, some fluffy cushions adding to the comfort of seating. Before the window is a desk, covered with various materials, ribbons and the like, several smaller accessories like statuettes, vases - a space where the mind and imagination can escape from confinement.

Violet drapes that can be drawn at all sides of the four poster bed seem to be another reminiscence of Alyssum allure. The thrill of hiding, of being able to shut out the world when inclined to do so, complementing the dark mahogany wood used, and the headboard especially showing an artistically carved likening of butterflies fluttering about lilies - such as are the theme of the marque of its owner. Sheets of white linen emenate the clean scent of soap and fresh flowers, as does a line of pillows resting atop of an orderly made blanket. Scarves of darker shade of purple are wrapped about the posts here and there - either for decoration or to hide certain details beneath.

Black and white of the previous night had been discarded, along with the half-mask in a combination of the two colors, Aurélie had taken along from the wedding feast. Attired in a practical dress of dark green, fine enough to be fit for a noble but also lacking the disadvantages of a more fine, courtly gown, the young blonde courtesan was sitting down at the table. A faint smile curved her lips, that heart-shape face alighting as her green eyes lifted to look out of the window, fingers brushing some colorful gauze scarves aside, not minding the slow fluttering descent to the floor that was the inevitable consequence.

She needed space on the table. Enough space to have room for the empty piece of parchment and the ink well. The quill snatched by her hand then, to hold it in elegant expectancy. Of words. But how to start?

The plush lower lip was caught for a moment by a line of teeth, and then subjected to thoughtful nibbling.

"Just where to begin?", Aurélie murmured, her head lifting as she glanced towards the door, outside, the ruckus heard of preparations being made for her departure.

There was not much time left, and she was to use it. The tip of the quill was dipped into the ink and then brought to the parchment, soft scratching audible as Aurélie started to write.

To Grégoire Basilisque de Baphinol

My dear brother

Words fail me. We have not seen each other since I left for Mont Nuit 10 years ago. Nor have I ever written to you. Except for those first attempts of mine, a little's sisters proud first efforts, blotched and stained. Since then, as you know, I have gone through training. Learning refinement, and as you can see, my hand writing is now as it should be, that of an educated Servant of Naamah. I have missed home in those first years. And often I caught myself thinking fondly of my past, at Cléron, with you and Richard.

Many things have happened since then. I left Mont Nuit. Bought out through the generosity of Jean Shahrizai l'Envers, who adopted me to be his personal retainer. My marque was finished in May. As I write you right now, I feel myself inclined to show it to you, in its entire beauty. A marque, as unique as my service has been, it shows lilies and butterflies. I know that I have chosen the right path in life. And having completed that particular part of my service still fills me with pride.

I have heard that your life has changed as well recently. Allow me to offer you congratulations on your marriage, a marriage I was not able to attend. Grégoire. I yearn to see you, meet your wife and offer my well wishes in person, but this will have to wait till I return. I am to leave Marsilikos for a few weeks, as my lord intends to return to Tonnerre. Some business requires his immediate attention, and he values my company enough to insist that I shall come along. Right now, I can hear the servants packing. We are soon to depart.

Yesterday, I dared to attend a feast at the Palace, the wedding of one of our kin, the Vicomte de Montmarlon and a Somerville lady. I had hoped to see you there, but you were obviously detained by some matter? I spoke with another of our relatives though, Brother Anse, Priest of Elua who serves currently at the Temple of Marsilikos. You should pay him a visit, once you find the time.

I send you my love and best wishes.

I shall look forward to speaking with you, once I return.

Your sister,
Aurélie Basilisque nó l'Envers.

With a soft sigh, the young woman lowered her hand until the ball of it rested upon the table, quill angled that its ink-stained tip remained aloft. While her green eyes regarded the letter, flitting over its contents as she read them again. "There, that should do.", she murmured to herself finally, rising then slowly to deposit the quill, her head turning to look towards the door.

Fingers brushed over the faint curve of her belly, in a gesture — sort of reassuring herself it was still there.

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