(1310-10-15) A Letter to the Duc of Azzalle
Summary: A letter from the desk of Matthieu Rocaille, addressed to the Duc d'Azzalle
RL Date: 15/10/2018
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October 15, 1310 - Matthieu's Chambers, Rocaille Townhouse

The chambers of Rocaille's ducal heir reflects much of his personality - all the decor is both well-made but minimalist, eschewing the D'angeline tendency to be lavish and ostentatious and electing simple elegance instead where the focus is craftsmanship and not the gilding. The furnishings complement one another rather than matching each piece perfectly, giving the impression of one who has collected them over a lifetime instead of buying them off a showroom. The floors are warm hardwood, accented by woven rugs set with Rocaille colors - emerald green, black and gold, and wrought of the highest quality materials. The walls are panneled and painted white, to better showcase the various hues present in the room. At the center of every room in the suite hangs a light fixture of brass and crystal, glittering softly as it fills the room with light.

The main focus of the suite isn't the bedroom but the study, where Matthieu spends most of his time - a large heavy desk decorated with hand-carved details rests close to a pair of double doors that lead out into a balcony and wicker seating overlooking the mansion's beautiful gardens, surrounded by bookshelves inundated with volumes that span a multitude of subjects. A collection of comfortable chairs and a couch of ebony stained wood with forest green cushions provides a place to read and socialize. The seating is arranged at the center of the room with a low table between the various pieces. Meanwhile a door on the other side of the room leads into a bedroom.

That bedroom has a color theme much the same as the sitting room. The main feature here is the large four-post bed with a collection of pillows and sheets woven with a ridiculous threadcount - perhaps one of the few things with which its occupant indulges himself. Across from the bed is a large walk-in closet that holds clothing and shoes. To one side of the closet rests a full length mirror and a small table with a wash basin of the finest china painted with the Rocaille Crest.

To Louis de Trevalion, Duc d'Azzalle:
Your Grace,
It behooves me to write to you at the behest of my father, Fernand Rocaille, Duc de Siovale, and acting as the first of his agents, to propose an advantageous alliance between our houses through a marriage between your daughter and heiress, Regina Alexandria, and my younger brother, Elliot de Rocaille.
My lord brother is currently installed in Marsilikos, not because of a love for idle pursuits, but due to its reputation as an arts center in the country, and a logical starting point in which to pursue acclaim as an artist and musician, both in which he holds exemplary skill. While he is not as known an entity as my honorable father in the realm of politics, throughout his life, he has demonstrated both caution, reason and pragmatism that surprises even myself in our conversations, all qualities that, I believe, would benefit your daughter once she takes her place upon the ducal seat. He is not of a character to supplant or even compete with the Lady Regina in matters of governance and it is my belief that his supportive nature would be a boon to her. His cool, but gentle head and tendency to be a sensitive and capable listener make him an able advisor.
My father and I anticipate that should you be agreeable to the proposal that the marriage contract would be both hefty and significant. As you must know, Siovale is presently in the process of reorganizing its ports and revitalizing several baronnies that surround and support them. An alliance between our houses, at the very least, would open up the possibilities for the Trevalion fleet to find a second home in both the northern and southern coasts of Siovale in both peacetime and wartime, and take advantage of the renowned expertise of our engineers with respect to maintenance and the further development of our maritime technology, as well as lowered tariffs for trade, and make our southern waters more accessible. House Rocaille's close and amenable ties with the Royal House of Aragon may also be feasibly extended to House Trevalion for our mutual economic and political benefit.
Should this proposal find your favor, it would be my honor to make the necessary arrangements.
By my hand,
Matthieu Christophe Rocaille
House Rocaille, Duché Souverain de Siovale

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