(1310-09-28) A Letter at Breakfast
Summary: A letter at breakfast sets the wheels in motion for a return trip to Chavaise.
RL Date: September 29th, 2018
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September 28th, 1310 - Desarae's Chambers - Ducal Palace

Along with the mellow autumnal sun that spills through the eastern windows of Desarae's bedchamber, the morning brings with it a letter. Thrice-folded and sealed with the seal of the Marquise of Chavaise, it lies innocuously upon a silver plate on the table that's set for breakfast in the bay of the window.

"It's from papa…" Desarae notes to her maid as she settles herself at the table. She turns it over in her fingers before reaching for one of the knives. She slides it between the wax and the parchment, and wiggles it back and forth until with a satisfying crack, the seal breaks free. "I wonder what news he has for me today." She delays herself in the reading of it, perhaps because the anticipation of what it contains quite rivals the act of reading it, and stirs a little honey into her tea before helping herself to one of the warm honey cakes nested in linen.

And then she indulges.

My darling Desarae,

It is hardly any time at all since I waved you off from the port at Béziers, and yet as short a time as it is, I am obliged to ask you once more to come home.

There is a matter on which I must speak with you, and it is something which doesn't lend itself easily to ink and parchment. Under other circumstances I would come to you in Marsilikos, but matters of the Marquisate require me to remain here in Chavaise.

Travel arrangements are being made, and I will see you within the week. You'll be pleased to know that the chestnut trees in the great park are only just now turning, and you'll be home to see them in the fullness of their autumnal colours. I recall how much you loved them when younger.

I love you, my darling. Travel well.

Your loving Papa

Her brow puckers with a frown.

"Francesca," she beckons her maid. She pushes to her feet, her breakfast forgotten for now, and pulls the wrap that she wears closer about her shoulders. "Could you please ask Nicolas to step into the room. We're taking a trip."

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