(1310-09-25) The Gift That Keeps Giving
Summary: Something is returned to Ailene. She must figure out what to do with it now.
RL Date: 25/09/1310
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25/09/1310 The Trevalion Residence, Twins' Suite Sitting Room

It's a dreary, overcast morning. Lady Ailene Trevalion is still not awake yet and sits in the Twins' Sitting Room, still in her night dress and night robe. She is sipping her morning tea and nibbling on a raspberry tart. Every now and then, her eyes will drift closed and she will start to nod back off, but then jerk herself awake.

"Urgh…" she mutters. "Do not want to wake up." She finishes her tart and yawns sleepily.

As she sits there upon one of the sofas, drinking her tea and attempting to wake herself up, a servant knocks upon the door and enters. She has a very…complicated look upon her face. "Um…My Lady?" she asks, unsure and hesitant.

Ailene groggily peers at the servant. "Yes, yes." she says, yawning again before taking another sip of her tea. "What is it?"

The servant bites her lip and looks back at the door. "You received….something."

Ailene suddenly perks up and sets her tea cup down hurriedly, spilling a bit and making the cup clatter on the table. She jumps up excitedly. "Is it my letter I have been waiting for?" she asks, very much awake now.

The servant eyeshifts. "Um…" she says, biting her lip. "Not exactly…"

Ailene headtilts and frowns. "It's not?" she asks her. "Then what is it?"

There is a sudden clamor of male servant's voices coming up the stairs. It seems they are carrying something quite heavy. Ailene runs to the door and peeks out, just as they reach the top of the stairs. "What the hell?" she exclaims, her eyes going wide.

There, right in front of her, is the big barrel of perfumed massage oil she and Narcisse had rolled up to the back door of L'Amour Méchant the other night, in an attempt to hide the evidence tied to the vandalism of Ammy's stall. She blinks rapidly. She was so confident they had been smart in covering their tracks.

As they roll the barrel up to her door, the female servant hands her a note. "This came with it, My Lady." she murmurs apologetically.

Aily takes the note and reads it.

Lady Ailene Trevalion,

I believe that your friend and you lost this. I felt responsible in giving your property back as soon as possible. I also recommend improving your skills on hiding what has to be hidden."

The note is signed by a capital letter D.

Ailene winces and looks guiltily over at the barrel. "Well, damn." she mutters. "What in the world am I supposed to do with a big barrel of perfumed oil?" She looks at the servants, as if expecting them to answer. Of course, none of them do and just give each other clueless looks.

Ailene stands there. She ponders. She ponders rather seriously, scrunching her face up. Suddenly, an idea comes to her! She grins at the servants and giggles, then runs past them down the hall and down the stairs, down to the dining room, and into the kitchens. Of course, all the kitchen servants are surprised to see the young crimson headed Trevalion girl run in, still dressed in her night clothes. She smiles and waves to them all, and then looks around. Spying what she needs very quickly, she picks it up and then walks back the way from wence she came.

Back in the sitting room, she pins a quick note, giggling slyly, her cheeks pinkening just a bit. Once done, she takes the note and walks back to the door.

"Roll it into my cousin Arsene's room." she orders them proudly. No one moves. They look at her like she is crazy.

"I am quite serious!" she tells them, frowning. "Come on!" she urges. "Chop chop!" They all look extremely uncomfortable, but she seems to know what she is doing. So they end up complying, although very hesitantly.

<FS3> Ailene rolls Stealth: Good Success. (5 3 7 4 7)

The barrel is rolled into Arsene's room. The servants then all quickly make their escape, as if they expect the notorious man to pop out from under the bed and eat them alive. Ailene simply rolls her eyes at them and then chuckles most deviously. She walks to the barrel and lays the note she has penned atop it. It reads:

Dear Arsene,

Where are you? I miss you most desperately! I even have a present for you, dearest cousin. I am sure you will be able to figure out some use for it! Please return soon, for the City is so much less interesting without you in it.

Your Adoring Cousin,

Then, she takes what she snagged from the kitchens, a very sharp paring knife, and stabs it through the note, sticking there to the barrel. She smiles once more, then whistles as she exits the room and shuts the door.

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