(1310-09-24) The thrill of cakes
Summary: Audrialla updates her journal on her latest work
RL Date: 09/24/2018
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09/24/1310 —The Bakery

The baker writes in her journal, in her neat handwriting. There are a few floury fingerprints.

And off go my latest lovely works to their recipients! I do hope they are received well; even if one is a little prickly. I do so love to create art that pleases all the senses. I do hope my entry to the Companions art contest is also received well by the priesthood. Aunt Emilie cannot help but be happy to see I entered to represent our family. I also recently won the Albion sponsored axe throwing competition. I've always had a steady hand and a good eye. All those years working with knives has paid off apparently. I won a wreath and flask of something called wiskaja or however it's meant to be spelled. It is quite heady. I've sipped it a few times and found my head spinning rather quickly.

She takes a sip from said flask and goes on to sketch a horse rampant and a porcupine.

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