(1310-09-24) Ill Received
Summary: A message and a delivery provoke a response.
RL Date: 24/09/2018 (date of creation)
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Cyriel's Chambers — Charlot Residence

It was a comparatively chilly morning. Which explained the fire that was burning in the hearth in Cyriel's chamber. The Vicomte de Chavagne had been enjoying a brief breakfast there. Only to find his tranquility disturbed by a servant bringing a basket along with a letter.

Whatever the contents of said letter… it was read with an increasing frown forming upon Cyriel's hawkish features. A glance was taken at the basket, the piece of cloth laid upon it lifted — and the frown turned into a scowl.

Before replacing the piece of cloth, his fingers snatched one piece of its contents from within the basket, a cookie so it seemed, round of of shape, which very much represented a caricature of a frowning face.

"Stupid lass.", he hissed, pale eyes lingering on the cookie, observing as he slowly deliberately broke it into two pieces, watching as the pink icing snapped. A view that somehow inspired a cruel smile to sneak into his mien. Placing said pieces upon a handkerchief, he meticulously went about folding the fabric to create a package, tying the ends at the corners.

Looking at said package, he reached for the scribbled message and gave it a last look before he tossed the note into the fire. Reaching for a piece of parchment and his writing utensils, the Charlot penned a brief note and attached it with a thin needle to the package, sticking it in with precision as to avoid further damage to its fragile contents.

Your message has been received. Take this as my response.

No thanks, no explanation.

The expression of displeasure was still lingering, when Cyriel called for his servant. "Make sure to deliver this package here to the Lady Ailene Trevalion. And take this," his foot nudged at the covered basket upon the floor, "to the kennels at the palace, and feed it to the dogs."

Watching the servant depart on his errands, Cyriel turned his pale gaze towards the window. In thoughts. The smile returned. Even if it was not of the entirely pleasant kind. There were actions to be taken and inquiries to be made.

Somehow he knew that neither of those would please his cousin Thibault.

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