(1310-09-24) Challenge Accepted
Summary: Ailene receives a response from Cyriel. It seems to only egg her on.
RL Date: 24/09/1310
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September 24, 1310 — Trevalion Residence, Twin Suite Sitting Room

It is a fall morning. Lady Ailene Trevalion is sitting in the sitting room she shares with her twin, at her writing desk. She yawns and seems to be doodling idly on a piece of parchment. The doodles are of different frowny faces. There are three. One, she has doodled a bird flying over and pooping on its head; another she has doodled an arrow stuck on the head; the third, has a very pronunced frown. She giggles and mimics the faces, frowning dramatically herself.

It is then that a servant knocks and enters, bringing something wrapped in a handkerchief and a note. Ailene jumps up, excited at receiving something. Whatever could it be? Whoever is it from?

Skipping over, she reads the note first. It is attached to the handkerchief by a needle.

'Your message has been received. Take this as my response.'

Next, she unwraps the handkerchief. It is one of the cookies she had baked herself and sent to Lord Cyriel Charlot. It had originally been in the shape of a frowning face, made to look like Lord Cyriel himself, with pink icing. It is now broken in half.

Ailene stares at the broken cookie for a moment, a blank expression upon her face. Then, she starts to giggle. That giggle then evolves into a full blown laughter. The servant just stands there, looking quite confused and unsure of what to do.

After a moment, Ailene's laughter dies down and she gets a thoughtful look upon her face. "Hmmm…" she muses and looks around her room. Her eyes alight on a flower pot sitting on the window sill. She gets a devious smile. She skips over, and picks up the pot, pink with white polka dots. A bunch of colorful daisies are growing in the pot. She hands the pot to the servant. "Oh, one moment…" she mutters, a twinkle in her eye.

She skips back over to her desk and picks up her quill. She starts to hum as she dips it some ink. She pens a quick note and she then draws two big devil horns on the smiley face with the embellished frown. Next, she takes some scissors from a drawer and cuts out that particular frowny face, She takes it between her fingers and skips back over the servant. She reaches over, picks up the needle that Lord Cyriel had used to stab his note into the handkerchief. She uses it to poke two holes in the eyes of the frowny face, then pokes it through the parchment. Finally, she sticks it in the soil of the pot, right in front of the daises. She hands the note she wrote to the servant.

"Please have this delivered to the Vicomte de Chavagne." she chirps. "Also…" Now a completely devious, devilish glint comes into her sea gray eyes. "I am expecting a letter." she says. "Hopefully." She crosses her fingers and raises them. "Let me know immediately if one arrives for me." She smiles ever so diabolically.

The servant nods and takes her leave.

Ailene starts to giggle again.

"Oh, My Lord." she chuckles. "Challenged most accepted!"

Upon receiving the daises, Lord Cyriel would find a note, written once more in scribbly teenage girl handwriting. The note reads:

My Lord,

I suppose the cookies did not agree with your palate. Perhaps you would better appreciate this floral arrangement? The vivid colors should hopefully perk up your mood!


Lady Ailene Trevalion

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