(1310-09-20) The Promise
Summary: Having some ups and down after coming to the City of Marsilikos, a young lady makes the promise as she has been disappointed in her own actions and wishes to change.
RL Date: 20/09/2018
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Irene’s Chambers — Dome of the Lady

The sun sank lower in the sky giving way to the velvety darkness of a night. A young lady sitting on the wide sill and leaning her tired head against the wall has been following a colorful change of time. The first more clear buzz of mosquitoes was like a gentle melody of a bard to her ears slowly reaching them through a slightly ajar window. A reflection of a trembling candle lights visible in her deep brown orbs has faded one by one leaving the stage for the brightest first star in the night sky. A gray mantle of rounded clouds lay down on the moonlight and the rest of the silver candles of the endless blueberry sea lost their hope to peek at the sleeping city of Marsilikos.

It took many slow heartbeats before even the buzz has withdrawn into the shadows and a deafening silence sit down on the throne of a night. Irene wrapped her mother’s shawl tighter around her slim frame and she brought her bare feet closer to a slowly breathing chest. Her frail fingers gently played with the deep green tassel remembering how lady Fantine Valais d'Eresse has been sitting on an old armchair and knitting this warm woolen shawl with a hope that it will embrace her daughter one day when a young girl’s heart will miss a soft touch of her mother and a soothing lullaby.

Lady Irene found the darkness strange when the latest hour came. It was a blackness that she couldn't recall seeing before, one that was almost like an endless abyss. Even when she finally tilted her head more skyward, she was not even able to see that only one brightest eye looking back down at her anymore. Even that first star has been swallowed by the clouds. She nodded three times very slowly to the empty streets and then she stood up.

Her bare feet carried the young lady towards the small table covered by many small sheets of paper. Her trembling hand lit up a candle and the light revealed meticulously drawn curves, turns, lines, shapes, forms which formed impressive sketches. Though, one of those sheets of paper was empty. Lady Irene sit down behind the table and took a pencil to write down one sentence:

To Elua and his Companions:

Then she stared at the sheet drowning into the deep thoughts. It was hard to find the right words but the young lady seemed to be determined to finish the letter. Her lips whispered to the old sleeping walls of her darkened chamber:

I had to visit the Temple before I arrived to the City of Marsilikos and yet I was too excited of my first and only adventure to even think of you. I trusted in the strength of my will to survive and I have failed. I do hope that you will forgive me for I left no space to you in my heart and yet I am turning toward you now, begging to give me strength. I know I should do that in the Temple but I am too afraid to step out of my chambers.

Many hours have passed after her little prayer and when an army of orange tones showed up in the horizon ready to march against the creeping shadows, Irene leaned back in her seat to read a letter signed by her elegant signature.

To Elua and his Companions:

I promise on these sheets of paper which have never abandoned me and stayed faithful on the deepest hours of need;
I promise by the pencil which gave me freedom and held my mind sane;
I promise to Elua and his Companions, my family and myself
That I shall never fall into the world of lies, treachery and masks as a naive and life-eager child for
There are no friends;
There is no love;
There is only but family and only for the family I shall live.
I ask Elua and his Companions strength to resist the temptations and keep up to my promise.

Lady Irene d’Eresse

Then a young woman slowly brought the sheet of paper to the candle and hold a corner for the flames to bite. A reflection of fire flinched in her dark gaze and her fingers released a promise to be burned down on a silver plate.

It has turned to the ashes halfway when suddenly a knock on the door made Irene flinch. The door has been opened and a couple of figures stepped inside…

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