(1310-09-18) Je Suis Trés Désolé
Summary: Desarae is given news that is not the best received.
RL Date: September 18th, 2018
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September 18th, 1310 - Rooftop Gardens - Ducal Palace

The warmth of a late September sun spills across the rooftop garden of the Ducal Palace, the leaves of summer that had formed a green oasis there, now painted with the russets and golds of an autumn that fast approaches. Sunlight filters through the wrought iron canopy of the gazebo, and falls on the back of Desarae's bowed head where she writes in her journal.

Florent is to leave me!

He received word today that he is being recalled to the brotherhood to act as a mentor for those in training, and I am to receive another in his place.

I shall miss him, for we have grown used to each other's ways and habits.

I feel selfish in feeling concern for whom I may recieve in his stead. Companions only know, with my luck I will be sent a soured curmudgeonly Camaeline without a speck of humor with which to redeem himself.

She looks up from her page, her eyes falling upon Florent where he stands quietly watching guard, and a frown knits her brow. A sigh is exhaled, and she once more puts quill to parchment to add a final few words to the entry.

Je suis trés désolé…

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