(1310-09-13) A Letter for Olivia
Summary: What it says on the tin.
RL Date: 18/09/2018
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A letter arrives for Olivia by the hand of a footman in black and white livery, who waits outside the Salon de la Rose Sauvage for however long he must in order to place it in the White Rose Second's own fair hands.

It is written on the finest vellum, in a feminine hand which indulges in many a picturesque flourish to fill odd corners of its two pages. The ink is a medium violet; the seal is made of silver wax, into which Oriane's ring has been precisely pressed to make a perfect "Œ", formed with a crescent moon. Several paragraphs of lighthearted chatter and reminiscences of Siovalese life in the old days conclude with:

Your suggestion that I name my new kittens after flowers was an inspired one, my dear, and scarcely had we parted than I found thoughts beginning to bloom. The naughty one who so liked to play with your veil, I have now called Daisy; the one who behaves a little better is named Dahlia. Let us hope she proves a good influence upon her sister in the years to come. Of course you're welcome to visit and play with them whenever your duties leave you free.

With my fondest regards,

Oriane Somerville de Toluard

In the other matter we spoke of, I regret to say my efforts proved unsuccessful. Seeing the case was hopeless I withdrew in order to preserve my capital for such future occasions upon which its expenditure might prove desirable.

That postscript is a little lower down the page and might easily be torn off and burnt, without doing a mischief to the rest of the missive.

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