(1310-09-06) Consequences of Wandering in the Rain
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Eresse Townhouse - Noble District

The Eresse residence combines rustique naval charme with a certain noble elegance, as can be seen from the interior of the parlor, where a few windows light the room generously during the day. At the wall hangs a shield with the family crest, the green ship on a field of white. Dark mahogany furniture provides a nice contrast to the green color favored in the upholstery in the furniture. A table with a number of elegantly carved chairs govern one side of room, set before a wall that sports a few paintings of naval scenes. To the other side, there is the hearth, plain dark grey marble, which has a variety of small ship models arranged upon the mantelpiece. Before the hearth, a few comfortable armchairs have been arranged, green cushions thrown in to add more comfort.

A door at the back leads to the kitchens and a stairway leading upstairs towards the private quarters of Eresse lords and ladies currently residing in the city.

A gentle knock echoes in the upper hallway of the Eresse Townhouse. An old house servant dressed in fine black silk is standing behind the door of the lady Irene d’Eresse. He looks back at the woman in her late 40s and smiles. “She was absolutely excited when she received your letter, Mademoiselle Eleonore. Lady Irene was not even sure if you will have time,” the man explains waiting for an answer.

He knocks one more time on the young lady’s door, “Lady Irene, Mademoiselle Eleonore is here for your lessons on Aragonian history as you requested.” The butler knocks again before turning to the woman.

Mademoiselle Eleonore is wearing a very simple dark brown dress tied around her plump waist by a leather chord. She has only one pendant hanging from a leather string on her chest. The pendant represents a feather. Eleonore raises that only book she has with herself to her chest and smiles back at the d’Eresse servant, “It’s quite alright. I made myself available for the whole day since the lady seemed quite eager to focus on her new lessons.”

Antonin nods and turns back toward the door. He knocks the last time before his hand moves toward the door handle and he pushes the door open, “Lady Irene, Mademoi-…” The man suddenly bursts inside the room, “LADY IRENE?!”

When Mademoiselle Eleonore steps inside, she sees how a young lady wearing nothing more but her perfectly white nightgown is laying on the ground. A few sheets of paper are scattered around her unconscious body as well as a few pencils. Antonin is kneeling beside the lady. He touches her forehead with the back of his hand, “She is burning! Please, Mademoiselle Eleonore, could you find Mademoiselle Orianne? Lady Irene was helping her with some healing potions before!”

The man scoops lady Irene up from the ground and the Aragonian history tutor rushes off through the door.

A woman in her late 50s who has an incredibly long gray hair steps out from lady Irene d’Eresse room. Antonin is waiting outside. He immediately approaches the woman, “Yes?..” He asks in regards on his lady’s health.

Mademoiselle Orianne wears no smile. She pats her shoulder bag gently, “Good I had exactly what we need to weaken the fever. I would say that she got a simple cold but then again it seems that her body is pain. I will need to check on her in the morning. Right now, she should sleep. But it would be good that someone could stay at her bed since the young lady is having quite vivid dreams which may cause sleep walking. Also, I left some herbal oil at the table. One has to moisture a piece of silk into it and put on her forehead each few hours. It may help reducing the pain. As I said, unfortunately, I will be able to say more tomorrow morning. We will see where her situation progress.”

Antoni nods, “I shall inform lord Belmont of his sister’s situation and then I will stay at her bed myself. But you are almost sure that it’s a simple cold?”

The healer nods, “I hope so. But she also should eat more even if she might not have an appetite. Till tomorrow, Monsieur Antonin.”

“Till tomorrow,” and the retainer leaves to find lord Belmont.

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