(1310-09-05) A Promised Document
Summary: And an unsolicited warning.
RL Date: 07/09/2018
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The day after their war council on the patio behind the Rocaille Residence the heir to that house receives another specimen of his aunt’s exquisite hand, in the same dark green ink with its golden shimmer. Folded flawlessly square as was yesterday’s, today’s consists of two sheets instead of one.

My dear Matthieu,

It was a pleasure to meet again, to see you healing from your wounds, and to speak as we did of all those little family matters of absorbing interest to no one but ourselves.

If you will forgive me for being a meddling old woman, there is one more impertinence in which I should like to indulge. Apropos of meeting your charming visitor yesterday I should counsel you in the strongest possible terms to avoid showing, at this particular time, any public favour to any woman of your acquaintance for whom you feel a genuine affection.

With my most sincere thanks for the relief you offer my old friends,

Oriane Somerville de Toluard

Wrapped round this materteral missive is the promised list of half a dozen erstwhile Toluard retainers in need of new employment, mentioning not only their names and where they might be found at the present time, but what the former comtesse de Bordeaux judges to be their most notable talents and achievements in her service.

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