(1310-08-20) A Poppy Amongst Roses
Summary: Audri muses on catering the White Rose storytime.
RL Date: 20/08/2018 (OOC date)
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08-20-1310 - The Bakery

I had the honor of catering the White Rose Salon's 'Storytime' this evening. It was lovely, done in shades of purest white and soft pastels. I provided the petit fours, madeleines in robin's egg blue, dacquoise in blush pink, and callisons in pale gold. I was fortunate enough to stay and hear the stories provided. Blessed Companions, the stories! They were explicit as one would expect. I think even *I* blushed at it. I suspect one of them was lying at a certain tale but I could not be certain of the boy.

My saucy kitten was there and demanded a kiss of one of the Adepts, as well as myself. I obliged though I felt uncomfortable with an audience. It was, however, a remarkable night.

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