(1310-08-08) We shall all obey to our duties
Summary: Vicomtesse Lucienne d'Albert sends her suggestions for two respectable lords.
RL Date: 08/08/1310
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Lucienne's Chambers — Albert Residence — Noble District

An old woman takes a seat at a small table. She lights up a candle. Two sheets of paper are taken. Lucienne reaches for the glass then and takes a sip. Vicomtesse is in deep thought. Her free hand slowly taps on the edge of the table. The sun sets down and the stars light up in a dark sky. The cold moonlight mixes up with the warmth of a candle fire. The time passes by. An old woman just keeps sitting there barely moving. Even the glass of wine remains only once touched.

Just when the early rays of sun pierce through the cloud, she reaches for the quill. She starts writing. A couple of papers are thrown out, burned in the light of fire. When the first steps of servants echo in the hallway, Lucienne finally finishes two letters. She folds them and adds to two different envelopes. They both are sealed with a wax. Her seal bares a bird of wisdom - owl.

Then she calls for her servant, and he is asked to deliver those two letters at the earliest convenience.


Lord Fernand Adémar de Rocaille,

It’s my joy and honor to write you in regards of your most wonderful son Mathieu de Rocaille. My most honest congratulations upon his arrival. It seems that he raised from the ashes like a phoenix and he did so only on his own merit. I am pretty sure that you are well aware that he was almost like my own child when he was spending some time at my home. I only wished for the best to him and it was a true heartbreak knowing that he was lost somewhere in the lands of those wildlings.

I can assure you that Mathieu is fine. I’ve already spoken to him. He is quite injured but he is also very strong fighter. The injuries will heal in no time and he will be able to stand up for his duties again. Duties. We all are meant to bow to them and it doesn’t matter what we actually desire. I am sure your son knows that better than all. That might be my influence as well.

That is why I would like to go straight to the point. We are not getting younger, Lord Fernand Adémar de Rocaille. There is nothing more important to parents than to make sure that their children have a secure life before we have to leave them. Your son is already counting quite many years and because of his misfortune, he is far from having a secure life. I know that currently everyone will focus on the villains who kidnapped him and revenge. However, that’s for men to make sure that each of us could stand with pride. While men fight their battles, we, women, have to make sure that there would be men to fight for us.

A man needs a woman at his side and not just to bare children but to heal and assist on many different levels. My intention is to let you know that a granddaughter of my cousin Sébastien Jean d'Albert is also of quite a decent age. She finished her services to the Night Court. You would be impressed with her intelligence. I can assure you that your son with lady Olivia at his side would lead Siovale to greatness.

We need to strengthen the blood and the line of Siovale. We used to have a strong bound which has been lost in time and we have an opportunity to re-open it. Lady Olivia also paid a visit to your son and they had a very nice conversation. My old eye could see the fondness and how even her presence seemed to heal the man’s wounds.

Please, do not make rushed decision but also do not last for too long. The time has never been on our side. This is merely a suggestion of an old woman who has seen many wars, many people died and many people were born in front of my sight. But no matter what happened, we always had to stand up for our duties.

Once again, congratulations.

Best regards,
Vicomtesse Lucienne d’Albert.


My dear cousin, Sébastien Jean d'Albert,

I hope my letter finds you well. It’s unfortunate that you can not visit the city of Marsilikos. A journey here would just provide you with a firm assurance how magnificent Marmande is. Naturally, this city is overflooded with Tsingani and potential crime. But one could not expect anything else since it’s a port. The smell is also terrible in the streets and the noise tires me quite a lot. Otherwise, my travel was quite fine and I can assure you that my stay at Marsilikos will be very fruitful.

I’ve met your granddaughter Olivia d'Albert nó Rose Sauvage. A marvellous girl! Her intelligence is exceeding her age. Did you know that she already completed her services to the Night Court? She is a full courtesan and should be ready to take up duties of a higher importance. This is the main reason why I am writing to you.

You see, an Heir to the Duchy of Siovale, Lord Mathieu, has came back after three years missing somewhere in the lands of Skaldi. He is doing quite well despite a couple of wounds. Considering how strong he is, injuries should heal quite quickly.

After I heard of his reappearance, I looked through some notes of mine and noticed that we no longer hold a strong connection with our liege. His son is almost thirty years old. The time is ticking and everybody expects of him to fill his duties as an heir. That also means, he has to find a wife who would bare some children.

I sat down and made some counting. Taking whole situation into the account, I strongly recommend to consider an idea of offering your granddaughter Olivia as a wife to lord Mathieu. I already sent a small suggestion to his father as well. If you will need further assistance, let me know.

Before you become angered by my interference, take a breath yourself and think about it. You know that I am usually right. Especially when it comes to these matters. While men ride wars, women take time to make sure that we would not extinct.

Your loving cousin,
Lucienne d’Albert

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