(1310-08-06) Attending a debut
Summary: Audrialla reflects on the first debut she's attended - as serving staff of course.
RL Date: 08/06/2018
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1310-08-06 — Within The Bakery

The heat of the ovens in the back bathed the bakery in a warmth equal to the summer's heat instead of providing a cool refuge. The summer sun had just started to rise, and so the day's baking was beginning. But before the pâtissière would go to her station and begin her work, she paused to sneak a small diary out of her apron pocket and write her thoughts.

"I have seen the beauty of the most beautiful and been honored to participate in a debut; the Court Nuit is astonishing and refined, and its inhabitants shine with an inner beauty to be longed for. My desserts were offered at the debut of Loïs nó Coquelicot and Annais nó Coquelicot and I even had a new dress made for the occasion in green. The adepts and serving courtseans wore the same, as did the handsome Lord Dowayne Philandre Chalasse nó Coquelicot. My role was to serve the most tempting offerings yet not detract from the belles of the debut. "

"I have never been around so many nobles before outside of the occasional chance encounters in the bakery, and it was delightful. I can only hope my manners were well received and that this is but the first of many fetes I will be able to attend with my work. My mother's finally trusted me with the dessert station, after many years of practice and refinement."

"It was so beautiful. Like a dream. Or a fairy story brought to life- which was the intent. I wish joy to the debutants and may their marques be filled swiftly and with beautiful passions."

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