(1310-08-06) A very pleasant visitor
Summary: A very pleasant guest payed a visit to a young Heliotrope Adept at The Salon de Coquelicot.
RL Date: 06/08/2018
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August 6th, 1310 — Melville's room - Le Coquelicot - Night Court

I have been awakened by a gentle kiss of soft fingers on the edge of my eyebrow. I could feel a slow and trembling breath landing on my skin as a light veil of silk. I knew that if I will open my eyes she will be startled. She will jump up to her feet and escape like a shy gazelle. So, I tried not to move. I just allowed my chest to raise slowly up and even slower go down that she would believe in my deep and worriless sleep.

She traced my jawline and brushed her thumb across my lips. She pushed a thin lock of my hair away from my forehead. It tickled and I held my breath. Her heartbeat became more clear when she leaned and placed a peck to the corner of my eye.

Then quiet whispers rippled across the hallway behind my closed door. A gasp left her lips.

I opened my eyes.

She was gone.

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