(1310-08-04) A Letter from Rennes
Summary: Cyriel Charlot receives a letter from his cousin, the Comte de Charlot
RL Date: 04/08/2018 (OOC date)
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August 4th, 1310 — Cyriel's Chambers — Charlot Residence — Marsilikos

There was always a time to deal with tedious paper work, especially for someone in charge of a Vicomte. And so Cyriel was working through a pile of correspondance on this late morn, letters from Chavagne, both of his closer kin and the steward left in charge there to deal with matters in his absence — it was still a lot of things that needed Cyriel's signature in person, as well as reports on the current economical situation of the Vicomte. A glass of red wine was sitting upon the table, far enough away from the paperwork, and the Charlot was just taking a brief break to have a sip of the Kusheline Red when a servant arrived, announced by a knock to the door, and handed him yet another letter that had just been delivered.

It was not the usual sort of letter. And Cyriel set the glass down as he considered the missive. Pale blue eyes regarding the seal upon it, the sigil of House Charlot. It was not often he received letters from the Head of his House. With brows furrowing ever so slightly, he began to read.

To Cyriel Charlot, Vicomte de Chavagne.

Dear cousin,

I have been approached with the proposal of a match for you, and as I remember you are still in want of a wife, let me pass this on to you.

It is the Baron of Beaucare of House Eresse who suggests his sister Irene. He writes me that she seems to be taken with you, and that she is among the ladies that wait upon Duchesse Armandine Mereliot.

He writes to me that you are already acquainted with her. She has turned eighteen about a month ago and thus is egible for marriage.

Please let me know your thoughts on the matter. Another tie to an Eisandine House could be of advantage to us. But details would still need to be negotiated in a marriage contract.

You are still to provide heirs for Chavagne, cousin. It is my wish that you get wed sooner rather than later, or Chavagne will go to another branch of the family. So in case Lady Irene d'Eresse is not to your liking, you are to come up with an alternative match, so that we can see you settled in marriage within the year.

Etienne Auguste Charlot.

Comte de Charlot.

"Kushiel's balls."

With a faint grimace somewhere between irritation and amusement, Cyriel shook his head at this particular development.


He emptied the glass of wine, then refilled it, and emptied it again.

Before he penned a swift reply to his cousin. The bright pallor of his blue eyes suggestive of the chill in the tone he incorporated into his response.

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