(1310-08-03) Tomorrow is Mine
Summary: Desarae writes to Augustin to ask a favour of him.
RL Date: August 8th, 2018
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August 3rd, 1310 - Gardens - Castle Chavaise

Surrounded by a second ring of stone wall is the castle at the top of the hill, a pleasant but also impressive building with the banners of House Mereliot flapping lazily in the faint breeze, from spires as well as flagpoles planted upon the towers, overlooking the city of Beziers as well as the river Orb winding its way down towards the Mediterranean Sea and the harbor.

The main keep can be accessed from the courtyard, and it has a great hall, where walls are adorned with tapestries the castle is famous for. An audience chamber, a music room, kitchens and servant's quarters are to be found downstairs. Whereas the upper floor is where the private quarters of the Marquise's family can be found. There is a wing with rooms for guests and other nobility living at the castle. There is also a private library, the door of which is usually locked.

Outside, there is a garden with a small orchard, where apple trees in full bloom are adding a certain charm to the scenery.

Sprawled on a rug beneath the low-slung boughs of sweet chestnut tree, and watched over by the grey figure of her Cassiline guard, Desarae pens a letter to a cousin.

Dearest Augustin

The summer will soon be drawing to its close, and here at Castle Chavaise, the leaves on the trees begin to be painted with the colours of Autumn.

Some solace has been found in time spent here, and my father believes that the time has come for me to return to Marsilikos. I thought I would feel pain in my heart at having to leave him so soon, but home is what you take with you, not what you leave behind. I can no longer find peace by avoiding life.

Yesterday is not mine to recover, but tomorrow is mine to win or lose, and so I must ask a favour of you, Augustin. Come to Chavaise when time allows, and be my escort back to Marsilikos?

Your loving cousin


The letter is read and read once again, then folded in thirds and pushed to one side. It'll be later, and back in her chambers, that it'll be sealed with the stamp of Chavaise and sent with a messenger to Marsilikos. The letter written, a slow breath filters through her lips before she rolls onto her back and lifts her arms to frame the top of the castle with her fingers, so that all is blotted out save its turrets and flags. Memory making. There were some memories, though, that would never fade.

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