(1310-07-12) To Raoul: Azalea and White Heather
Summary: A letter from Olivia to her brother Raoul
RL Date: July 12th, 2018
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Explorer's Club - Raziel's Sanctum - Marsilikos

Late afternoon, and the upper levels of Raziel's Sanctum are empty save for a figure in white that's stretched out on one of the old leather sofas. In her hand she holds a neatly written upon piece of parchment that's neatly folded and ready to be sealed. Before doing that however, she slips a few dried flowers carefully between the pages.

My dearest Raoul

I do so love receiving the letters that you send to me. I sometimes imagine the trip that they must make to reach me here in Marsilikos from Hellas, the things that they have seen that I have not. When I first open them, I close my eyes and hold the parchment to my face, smelling the wonderful scents that they are infused with. This last smelt of lemons. Did you write it in a lemon grove? I can picture you there now.

It is my greatest sadness that I have never been afforded the opportunity to travel and to see more of the world than what is in front of my nose. I sometimes sit on the wall in the port and watch another of the great ships sail from the calm waters of Marsilikos bay. I fancy myself stolen away upon it, face to the wind and my veils cast aside.

Do you like the pressed flowers that accompany this letter? They are azalea and white heather. You have until you write back to discover the meaning of the message they send.

Your loving sister

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