(1310-07-03) A Special Gift
Summary: In the market, a gift is delivered for Lily.
RL Date: 03, July 2018
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July 03, 1310 - Glycine Dorms

The messenger came from out of nowhere as I stood near the markets. Curiosity kept me where I stood though. Perhaps it was the shy approach of the young boy or, maybe the way my heart was beating, I was hoping it was a message from someone in particular.

As the small, dark blue pouch was delivered with a note attached, I traced a finger over the beautiful Lily sketched on the front, letting the sender remain a mystery for the moment. "Thank you," I told him quietly, barely able to contain my curiosity as I turned away and with the tinkling of bells around my ankles, I hurried back to the privacy of the dormitory where I stayed until my marque was complete.


One there in my area, to my bed, I remained there looking at the drawing for several long moments. Such care was taken that I wanted to appreciate that and that alone, to give it the attention it deserved.

Finally, with a soft inhale of breath I turned the sketch over and closed my eyes immediately after as my heart threatened to beat out of my chest. Instinct alone had my eyes dropping to that A there at the bottom of what was written. A. I knew only one A who would hopefully send me such a note.

Opening my eyes, I start at the top this time and read it a full three times through before I realize I kept reading and rereading it.

Dear Lily,

A traveller says that there is nothing more beautiful than a starry sky.
But a man can not turn his gaze away from a womans eyes.
A farmer says that there is nothing more softer than a touch of a summer breeze.
But a man desires to feel womans cherry lips on his cheek.
A bard says that there is nothing more charming than a glow of a golden coin.
But a man only wishes to feel the warmth of a womans smile.
A thief says that there is nothing more exciting than a thought of stealing a crown.
But a man could risk his own life to steal a womans heart.


Somehow, I remembered to breathe and with great care, I hold the note to my chest, just taking in the moment. Cherishing it. It is then I realize there was more to the package and I reach for the rest.

The drawing is placed carefully down on the bed beside me with those oh so cherished words on the reverse side before I slowly unwrap the contents. Therein lie the treasure, the very finely worked pieces of leather. One, a choker and a matching bracelet, The work required to make such pieces had to be painstataking and tedious, yet was so carefully.. and I dared to assume lovingly done. It took my breath away.


Immediately, I fastened both on, one around my neck, the other around my wrist, then I moved to stand in front of the mirror, lifting my hand where the bracelet was to gently graze the pads of my fingers over the choker. I loved them. Lifting my eyes to meet my own in the mirror, I see my own happiness reflected back at me and the smile that would not dim.

Reaching for a paper, I quickly sat back down to write out a return note….

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