(1310-07-01) Arriving in Marsilikos
Summary: Journal Entry upon arriving in Marsilikos
RL Date: 01/07/2018
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01/07/1310— Port of Marsilikos

The seabirds are always the first sign. Calling and playing in the air, looking for food or a perch- and while some might find their calls grating on the ears- I've always found them to be a balm. While I could spend endless months at sea, sometimes one's legs require solid ground. The sea is in my blood, but the land is surely in my bones.

The port of Marsilikos forms a natural harbor, which has felt the hand of progress to better insulate and form the land. You can still see how the land once lay- the curve of the shore where the jetties sit. They're old jetties- the sand tells the story as clearly as anything written on a page.

I've been here before, as a boy in serve of the Navy. The southern navies call this port home- and really it is particularly easy to see why.

Marsilikos opens her arms to the sea- as comforting an embrace as any could hope. She whispers to you, her breath is sweet and cool on the nape of your neck as the sun warms you.

I can't hear her words, though, not yet- unclear. Muddled. Maybe soon I'll understand her words- I've never spent much time here- only a supply mission when I was still a boy. Even as a boy she offered much- I can only wonder and dream at what she'll offer me now.

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