(1310-06-22) Exploring Lavender
Summary: A poem of reflection
RL Date: June 22, 2018 (OOC date)
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1310-06-22 — Salon de Coeur De Lavande

Lavender can cure your sleepless night
It can induce relaxation and let the worries
Of those weary days simple wash away.
But what of the lavender?
So busy tending to others but it seems
She never tends to herself
Weary, sleepless she watches over her
Small and delicate petals.
But what of her core? Her being?
Does she simply give until she wilts?
Or will someone come along and give her
The nourishment that she needs to continue to thrive.
Though she may be tending to your cares
Who will tend to hers?

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