(1310-06-21) An Expected Rebuke
Summary: Séverine is summoned to the Dowayne's office, for a report and an apology.
RL Date: 21/06/2018 (OOC date)
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June 21st, in the year 1310 — Dowayne's Office — La Rose Sauvage

She had expected as much, and yet Séverine couldn't be sure about the time, the exact hour when Jacques would summon her for her account of what had occurred. It took her only a blink of an eye in the moment she entered the dark chamber, to realize - from the look of his facial expression, and his posture alone - that he had already heard out others before her. That darkness in his eyes, a touch deeper as she knew it could become in certain situations.

"You wished to see me, Jacques?", Séverine greeted him, in that soft unobtrusive voice of hers, smooth and with that reverence some wished to hear. Her cheeks were pale, light canvas to the light spray of freckles dotting her features, from where stormy grey eyes peeked at the leader of their salon, that gaze widening slightly, when an immediate reply did not come. There was that tightening of his gaze instead, as he tilted his head, an authorative downflick of his eyes to indicate where he wished her to sit.

And Séverine obeyed, the legs of the chair scraping audibly over the stone floor as she settled herself, long slender-fingered hands brushing over the skirts of her dark green dress.

"Why?", he asked. His tone was cold, carrying the chill of anger and disappointment. "Why did you speak up as you did? The Vicomte de Tonerre and I had an arrangement, Séverine. It was not your place to call him out like you did."

Unblinking, she endured the hard stare he gave her. There was that soft quickening of her breath, her pulse beginning to flutter beneath that stare, and that was when she lowered her gaze.

"I believe, Jean Shahrizai l'Envers expects to receive a written apology," she whispered. "He told me as much."

"Yes," Jacques confirmed with a slow nod of his head. "Will he receive one?"

Feeling the weight of his stare upon her, Séverine remained as she was, with her gaze lowered. He was waiting for her reply though, so, eventually she looked up, stormy grey eyes meeting the stare of the Dowayne.

"Yes.", the word rode upon a trembling exhale. "Yes, he will."

For a long moment there was silence, his gaze darkening further, as Jacques Verreuil nó Rose Sauvage considered his Valerian Second.

"You are fortunate, that Edouard still harbours a fondness for you.", he finally stated, leaning back in his chair, arm stretched out with his wrist leaned upon the table where his hand toyed with a dagger in its sheath. "You shall remain Second of the Red Roses. For now."

She inhaled deeply, and her lips twitched into a faint smile, "Thank you… I do appreciate this…"

"Know this though. Not only have you slighted an esteemed patron of this salon… You have also slighted me. And it will take more to appease my anger, my sweet Séverine. Much more." His words were spoken at a low volume, but he could be sure she caught each and every one of them, with the chill there in his tone chasing a shudder down her spine.

"I understand."

"Get that letter written, and make it convincing. I shall see you in an hour, downstairs."

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