(1310-06-20) Glorification
Summary: Desarae writes of her visit to Baptiste, and the glory of finding Kushiel.
RL Date: June 20, 2018
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Chavaise Suite - Ducal Palace

Desarae sits in the morning sun that spills onto the terraced balcony of her private rooms. Freshly bathed after a visit to La Rose Sauvage, the white silk wrap that she wears is worn low on her shoulders. There's a healing nick to her left upper arm, and her skin purples where bruising develops. She holds herself still, her arm moving stiffly as she writes in her journal before her.

I missed my debut, but I am no longer sad, for in its stead I visited Baptiste.

He ripped my body apart and transformed it into something new, and there lived for a second, less than a second, a sliver of time when my mind was without a home and no body to call its own. Existence was painless in there, and there was nothing but a formlessness beyond understanding. A secret place that contained nothing but the essence of myself. A lost self. In the fire of the pain that he delivered me of, Kushiel himself took me gently by the hand and guided me through, and from that place I withdrew a thread of deepest black and wound it about my heart.

Baptiste promised to scourge the pain from me. To give me a pain that is easier to heal than that which I suffer. To purify me.

And it was glorious.

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