(1310-06-18) Reflections on a touch
Summary: Áedhwyn reflects on a chance meeting and how a gentle touch against her facial marque affected her.
RL Date: June 18th, 2018
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June 18th, 1310 — The corner of the Noble District and Place des Mains

A touch….

Who knew a touch could cause me to blush so heavily or my heart to race? I knew they had pretty words but these were different…bold. He asked about me. Asked about the tattoo upon my face, the woad upon my body. Wanted to discover all of them and the meaning behind each one.

I shivered when his hand brushed against my tattoo, my marque. The air rushed into my lungs and I felt heat start to pool in my blood. What is this feeling? It's happened once or twice before since being here. Have I caught ill? I do not think so for as soon as it came, it went.

Is it their touch? Is it me? He called me d'Angeline. Am I like them in some way? Does his blood call to my own?

Goddess help me understand. Help me find the strength to be who I am meant to be. Help me be the bridge so my people are not destroyed by the sins of the past. Grandmother knew I would be called, insisted that all her children learn her ways even as she learned ours. Insisted that her grandchildren learn her ways. There can be no other reason. She knew. She knew her line would be called.

We carry the blood of angels. We carry the strength of Alba. We carry the magick of our people. I will rise to become who I need to be.

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