(1310-06-17) Harsh Duties
Summary: Armandine Mereliot's impressions of a trial and an execution.
RL Date: 18/06/2018 (OOC date)
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June 17th, 1310 — Great Hall

The day had been drawing near, and Armandine had been aware of it, the dark necessity to deal with the foreign woman who had elected to become an enemy of the Mereliot family. It is not that she shied away from the trial, nor from the verdict she would have to give eventually — it was what her heart craved for, to see justice done and executed upon the stranger, that evil creature that had taken her sister away from Armandine, and those nephews and nieces as well.

There had however been a point during the trial, when she had faltered, when in glancing towards her now widowed brother-in-law Armand Morhban de Mereliot she noted his state, the brooding silence and passiveness he displayed. When her eyes met his in silent question, he gave her that faint shake of a head. Leaning over to him then, she murmured, "You shall answer my questions later, in private." Which he accepted with a soft sigh, before slumping back into his previous attitude of apathy.

Anything he could have offered in testimony wouldn't have changed her eventual verdict, which Armandine gave, rising from her high-backed chair to regard the woman that was kneeling there in chains on the floor.

"The woman known as Naimah of Bhodistan is found guilty of all crimes brought forth against her. She is hereby sentenced to death, and the sentence is to be carried out in a public beheading, on the Grand Plaza. The sentence is to be carried two hours from now. It is Our wish that word is spread in the city of Marsilikos, so that the common folk can come and witness Naimah's execution."

Naimah received her verdict without blinking.

Armand in his seat straightened to give the Bhodistani witch a hateful glare.

It was his daughter though, Armandine's one living niece of the Chavaise line, that shocked the Duchesse with her reaction.

And yet, how could Armandine refuse her? When this young woman, just turned sixteen rose to her feet and uttered her request with an urgency that perhaps made her forget that all of the ducal court was listening?

"Your request shall be granted," Armandine intoned. Words that rung in her mind, when she, two hours later, seated on the dais would watch the final minutes of the witch, and observe the intense hatred and urge for revenge that made Desarae bring down that heavy executioner's blade again and again — until the deed was finally done, and the head rolled onto the wooden floor of the podium.

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