(1310-06-15) Request of a Cousin
Summary: On the night before her natality, Desarae has a decision to make.
RL Date: June 15, 2018 (OOC date)
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June 15th, 1310 - Terrace, Marquise de Chavaise Suite, Ducal Palace

Stars bejewel a balmy midnight sky, and it's the eve of Desarae's sixteenth birthday. Watched over by her Cassiline, she sits at a wrought iron table on the terrace of the Marquise de Chavaise Suite at the Ducal Palace, recording once more her thoughts in her journal. The light of the lamp she works by catches the hilt of the sheathed dagger that lies on the table; a gloriously crafted example of weaponry that boasts a lacquered handle so dark a blue that it's almost black. A gift from Augustin.

It is my natality tomorrow, and finally my thoughts hold that clarity again which I thought had abandoned me forever. I know now what must be done.

But whom would help? Whom should I ask?

The writings in her journal are blotted with powdered pumice stone, and once satisfied that all is dry, it's closed, pushed to one side and replaced with a sheet of parchment that bears the crest of Mereliot upon it. It's several minutes before the ink starts to flow, a simple note written in the neatest of hands.

My Dearest Cousin,

I have need to speak with you.


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