(1310-06-15) How Fickle Fate Can Be
Summary: Imogen finally emerges from mourning proper, just in time to receive many new changes in her life, and threats of changes to come.
RL Date: 15/06/2018
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1310-06-15 — Ducal Palace - Comte de Florac Suite

The day is bright and cheery as Imogen emerges, not only from her sick bed, but from her mourning clothes. Her cousins are still dead, Deserae is still grieving, and Timeo is still missing, but socially she cannot wear such drab colors any longer, even if the true grief will take time to heal. So, like many with a full heart and no confidantes to whisper to, Imogen pulls out her rarely used journal, her writing quills, and a pumice stone so she might write down her thoughts.

It feels like a lifetime ago since that fateful court day, I was only just outside the courtroom when the messengers came, and I made Timeo stop so I could listen. Poor Dessie, she never wanted to be marquise, she never wanted to lose her family, and yet now she has only her father and too short a time to learn how to reorganize her life around her new inheritance. Companions know what price Auntie will have to pay to free her from Rose Savauge, and unlike me, she's never really had the sort of education to prepare her for inheriting a title. Of course I shall be there for her every step of the way, she is my beloved cousin, but I fear these next few years might be a bit challenging as she adapts to the new role life has so harshly thrown her into, and hopefully the sudden change will mean the Viscomte is not thrust onto her until she feels ready for it.

The girls hands hesitate as she goes to pen the next paragraph, there's a tenseness to her movements, a bite of her lip, a quivering of her hand. She scrubs weakly at her eyes with her free arm as she glares at the page, knowing the next words will be painful to write, but write she must, for keeping them inside much longer will just cause her to burst, and Auntie doesn't need two broken nieces, especially if the latter is crying over the fiance she had pushed to have, that even with things as they are, she can't be rid of because of politics, and she has no right to cry to anyone for her own rash and foolish judgment.

It's also been nearly a month since i've last heard from Timeo. I still wear his ring, and his trinket has a place of pride in my collection, but I fear for our future. I was sick when the group left to go investigate the happenings to Dessie's family, and both Auntie and Timeo forced me to stay home. I fought with Timeo tooth and nail, to the point he threatened to end our engagement, several times, in the end he agreed to go and be my lion, to bring my wrath down upon those who hurt my family, but the group has long since returned and i've yet to see or hear from Timeo. Every day now I fear for our future, both on a personal and political level. I've always known if the passion faded I couldn't simply break ties, this marriage was as much for relations between Mereliot and Aiglemort as it was because we had a genuine connection. But all the same, even if we are no longer to love, I would at least like to know where he's at.

Her writing for the day done, Imogen grabs her stone and rubs a bit roughly on the page before huffing out a breath that could very well be a sob. She doesn't even bother putting the journal away. Just rises and runs off to her bed chambers, to shed the tears she has no right to shed, because right now, she needs to, just for a moment, and then, she will emerge and be the rock for her family as she must, but for now, she weeps for all that has happened and all the pain she fears is still yet to come.

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