(1310-06-15) Dream a little dream...
Summary: Áedhwyn's dreams of a coming visitor. She wakes knowing her cousin will soon arrive.
RL Date: June 15th, 2018
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June 15th, 1310 — Áedhwyn's Suite

The sea…..

I wake and I can still smell the salt water air, hear the cries of the birds up above. My hand rises to wipe at my face expecting to feel it wet with the ocean spray.

A dream….it was only a dream.

I know she is coming. I have not dreamed of her in a long time. How long has it been? How many years since I saw her last? Niahm…..my sister cousin. Daughter of my father's twin. We are more alike than not. She taught me to ride, gifted me with my first pony so I could follow along. When I fell, she cried with me.

I close my eyes, knowing I will join her on the sea once more. I am transported. I hear the birds, feel the water against my face, the wind in my hair. I am with her.

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