(1310-06-06) A Flower Arrives
Summary: Someone new arrives in Desarae's life.
RL Date: June 7th, 2018
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Chavaise Suite - Ducal Palace

Dressed in black silks, and seated at a table placed on the terrace of her suite, Desarae writes in her journal. A figure in grey stands off to one side.

My aunt petitioned the Prefect of the Cassiline Brotherhood to have one of the Brothers assigned me, and I met him today. His name is Florent Sebastien Montchapatre, and I would place his age as being around his early thirties. He is everything that one might expect of a Cassiline; that is to say grey, grey and yet more grey. He is as dour and unyielding as the granite of Camlach from when he hails. I am grateful to my aunt for granting me the peace of mind that having a Cassiline will bring me, but sad that these measures are necessary.

I shall call him Flower, but not to his face.

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