(1310-06-05) This I Promise
Summary: Desarae writes in her journal of changes in her life.
RL Date: June 6th, 2018
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June 6th, 1310 - Terrace, Marquise de Chavaise Suite, Ducal Palace

It's a little after luncheon, and the warmth of a late-afternoon Eisandine sun melts across the southern face of the ducal palace. It warms the figure in black that sits on a first storey terrace. It is Desarae. She wears a gown of black brocade silk, and hair that falls in single sheet of darkness is held back from a pale face with a band of black velvet. Seated at a table wrought of iron, she writes in the journal before her

Were there ever so many tears?

Father came to see me today, arriving early enough to break fast with me. I do not think that I have ever felt a love so fierce as that which I felt when he hugged me. I thought he would never let me go again. I wished he wouldn't.

And yet he must.

Once things are concluded here in Marsilikos, he is to return home to Chavaise. Béziers weeps its wounds, and he reminds me that we must be strong. Our people look not only to him, but to me also, to be strong in this time of sadness. To be anything less than that would show weakness.

I would return with him, but Aunt Armandine feels that my future and that of my family would best be served by my remaining here in Marsilikos, where she will oversee my education in all that will now be required of me.

It is my sixteenth natality in less than two weeks. I want no celebrations. I want instead the death of the Bhodistani Witch on that day. That is the only gift I crave.

Companions forgive me for the dark thoughts and desires that beset me. But I will not be broken.

This I promise.

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