(1310-06-03) Dissolving an Arrangement
Summary: The Lady of Marsilikos has a long overdue talk.
RL Date: 03/06/2018 (OOC date)
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June 3rd 1310 — Armandine's Study

Cause of concern and worry had finally been resolved, and Armandine was glad for it. With Desarae finally saved from what appeared to be the evil curse of a Bhodistani witch, there were further steps necessary. There was the impending trial, of course, with the inevitable punishment of the vile woman Naimah. But that would have to wait till later. First, there was another matter she needed to clear, once and for all.

A messenger had been sent out discreetly, to summon the Dowayne of Rose Sauvage, and Armandine received him in the privacy of her study. He would be aware of the cause for her request to see him. An evident consequence of what had occurred.

"Jacques," she greeted him rather unceremoniously, a curt gesture indicating for him to sit down.

"Your Grace." He at least clung to customs. It would take a foolish man to not pay the proper respect to the Duchesse of Eisande. Jacques sat down as requested, his dark eyes studying Armandine with a grave expression. "You wished to speak with me?"

"Yes. I would offer you wine, but I believe, the matter should be quickly settled. I request that my niece Desarae Mereliot is to be released from the arrangement that binds her to your salon. She is the last of her line. We cannot risk her being exposed to possible further attempts on her life. She needs to be instructed in upcoming duties we never thought she'd come to have." Her voice was firm, her eyes friendly. "You know this of course. You must have suspected from the moment I sent my carriage and men to claim her. Were her mother, brothers and sisters still alive, I would return her to you. But as it is… I cannot."

A deep exhale, almost a sigh, came from Jacques nó Rose Sauvage. "I've suspected this," he agreed gravely, his eyes considering the duchesse with a hard edge to his gaze. "You are aware that this will not happen without compensation of sorts. And a written arrangement as to make up for our loss. Desarae is… to debut in two weeks. There have been preparations underway… costly preparations. Not to speak of the many years she has lived under our roof, enjoyed our tutelage and instruction."

His gaze made Armandine's eyes lower, even if only for a moment. Perhaps to indulge him for that brief spell it would take to convince him? "I am aware, Jacques. You shall be compensated. I am not happy to resolve this arrangement. As you know, your salon and my mother have been known for a rather close relation… It was in fact her who helped fund it. There shall be an adequate amount of ducats conveyed to you. In addition to my commitment, agreeing that this places us in your debt. Another Mereliot shall be offered to your salon, to foster there and become a Rose. I trust, these conditions will be agreeable to you?" Despite the soft friendly tone of her voice, there was something unrelenting in the look she gave him.

The dark eyes of the dowayne of Rose Sauvage narrowed, as he considered the suggestion of the Lady of Marsilikos. For a moment, it almost seemed as if he were to respond with a decline of her conditions. Or perhaps this was just the Mandrake way of keeping face. To indulge and delight in leaving the other party uncertain for a moment. Then finally a nod. "There shall be a written commitment about this," he declared coldly. "And the name of the future Rose in question put down. We are not going to be satisfied with vague promises." A hint of impertinence there, in his wording. "If that will be all… I don't want to impose longer than necessary upon your time. But we can deal with the paperwork here and now, if you have all the details ready."

Taking a parchment out from a drawer, Armandine smiled. "You know me well. Here is the contract, ready to be read and signed."

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