(1310-06-03) Decisions Made
Summary: With her emotions all over the place, Aziza finally puts it into words.
RL Date: 03/06/2018 (OOC date)
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June 3, 1310 — Menekhet Suite - Guest Tower - Ducal Palace

I don't know what I've gotten myself into but I have no regrets.

Not a single one.

I have met someone that at first was just….a cultural exchange. Then we became friends. And now? We…we are close. I never had the intent of feeling this way for someone; I always figured that I'd do what's best for Menekhet and call it done. But now….I want him to be what's best for Menekhet….because I feel he is waht's best for me.

He feels as if he isn't fit for me but I can't help but say he is wrong. We have oh so much in common…more so than I have even had with Nazir. I care for this man and from what I know….he cares for me. Perhaps it is foolish as I am not even sure how long I will be in Marsilikos. I just know he says he wants me in his future however he can have me. All I know is that he can have me for as long as he wishes. For now we will deal with this investigation he wishes to pursue and just go with what we have.

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