(1310-05-22) A Dark Spell
Summary: On the evening before…
RL Date: 26/05/2018 (OOC date)
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May 22nd — Ruins near Faugères

She had memorized each step of the ritual, from the numerous times she had pictured herself performing it.

It came easy now, words of the enchantment leaving her lips, with a foreign ring to these d'Angeline lands.

Five candles, placed around her forming the boundaries of where she would conjure the powers.

"Oh, Holy Goddess Kali… grant me this gift… Help me pull the one missing piece into place."

Not far from her, where he was tied to a pole, a man groaned, in d'Angeline. "No… don't do this." He fell silent then, keeping further pleas to himself.

"What is she doing?", another female voice inquired in d'Angeline, shakily, and the woman, bound as he was, but opposite from him, raised her gaze. "Do you understand what she is saying?"

"Unfortunately, I do. And I have a suspicion, what she is up to.", he replied. And the prospect of what that was had his features twist in a deep frown.

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