(1310-05-21) Watching Stars
Summary: Desarae recalls something that her father told her when little.
RL Date: 21st May, 2018
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May 21st, 1310 - Marquise de Chavaise Suite - Ducal Palace

Early morning in the Marquise de Chavaise Suite in the Ducal Palace, and Desarae is curled in a tight ball in the corner of an oversized chaise. She wears a simple white cotton nightgown and is wrapped in a heavy blanket. The fire is banked high and flames flicker amongst the embers. She stares into the heart of it. Unmoving. Her journal is open on the desk, her writing confined to a handful of heavily written words.

Remember, Father, how you told me when I went away to Marsilikos that I would never be alone if I looked at the stars? Because, you said, you would be looking at them too?

I'm looking now, Father. I'm looking so hard.

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