(1310-05-19) Lies
Summary: Desarae writes in her journal of the news from Béziers
RL Date: 20th May 2018
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May 19th, Marquise de Chavaise Suite - Ducal Palace

It's late in the evening, and with a guard stationed inside the door of the Marquise de Chavaise Suite in the Ducal Palace and another outside of it, Deserae sits and writes in her journal. Her face is pale and her eyes are swollen, and tears fall on her page as she writes.

It is lies. All lies. A messenger arrived telling of bloodshed in Béziers during the Festival of Lights. I do not, I cannot, believe that Anais, Javier, Genevieve and Gabriel are dead. Our aunt has sent some of the best to be found in Marsilikos to Béziers to help with the hunt for my family. They will be found, I am sure. I have never seen my aunt look so much at a loss, nor so sad. Companions have mercy on us, I pray that they are safe.

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