(1310-05-15) Ignorance
Summary: Aziza reflects on the xenophobic behaviors of others
RL Date: 15/05/2018 (OOC date)
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Tue May 15, 1310 — Menekhet Suite

My time here thus far has been pleasant…until now. I met a young courtesan named Desarae that was the epitome of what my father warned me about. Both he and my mother gave pause about such things and properly prepared me for it knowing how my temper is. I prefer to see the good in people and to do what I can for my Pharaoh to extend good will and bring peace with other nations and families. Instead I was slighted.

For such a woman who is supposed to be trained to be…the best…her lack of respect and rudeness shows otherwise. I find it shocking that such a woman is related to Her Grace who is, for the lack of a better term for there is no other, the epitome of grace. I hope that this woman does not treat all dignitaries as such. They may not be as understanding as I am….because I have met some are indeed….not understanding.

But I digress. One bad cow does not ruin the herd….far from it. I look forward to my continued time here until my orders are given to me once my Pharaoh receives my status.

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