(1310-05-15) A Fall from Grace
Summary: Desarae sets down her thoughts following a difficult encounter in the gardens from which she'd been dismissed for the night.
RL Date: 15th May, 2018
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Valerian Dormitory - Rose Sauvage

It is early evening, and having been banished to the Valerian Dormitory for the remainder of it, Desarae finds herself seated before a small desk, another entry inking its way into her journal.

Baron d'Eresse came upon me in the gardens this evening,and I am sorry to have to say that he has fallen far in my estimation. Though Séverine was as piqued as could be at his declaring me of no further interest to his purse, I am bound to say that I was relieved at the news. From what transpired today, there is little I see that would recommend him to me as someone with whom I would accept an assignation. There are many reason that have drawn me to this conclusion, but perhaps the greatest of his faults lies in his indulgence of foreigners. They are untrustworthy at best.

And now to the gift that was given Séverine. Two bracelets of gold fashioned into manacles and set with rubies. Gaudy and cheap to my eye, though Séverine appeared to like them.

Thoughts neatly set down, Desarae picks up the book that had had her so engrossed in the garden, and apple held precariously in her other hand, she returns to reading it cross-legged on her bed. The evening that stretches before her will be long.

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