(1310-05-10) A New Face
Summary: Desarae reflects on her meeting with Gauge, a new face to Rose Sauvage.
RL Date: May 9th, 2018
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May 10th, 1310 - Valerian Dormitory

Early morning, and enough light spills through a chink in the curtains within the Valerian dormitory for Desarae to write in her journal without the need for lamps to be lit.

I met the Baron de Beaucare last night.

He was not born to his title, but was thrust into it upon the death of his father and brother, and he has a look about him when observed from across a room that speaks of someone that would rather be anywhere but where they are now. How could anyone not love our city? He claims to have never set foot in a salon such as Rose Sauvage, nor to have contracted the company of a courtesan. I found myself pushing him more than I ought to pique his curiousity in my direction, and he indicated that he will not only bid upon me at my debut, but win it also.

Do I really wish for someone unskilled in the art of bringing a Valerian to heel to be the one to win my debut?

And yet…

Desarae's hand stays, before allowing a series of dots to round off her words. If there's more to be said, then she's not committing to parchment for now. She draws the shawl that wraps her shoulders more closely about herself, then stands, moving towards the window to peek out on a brand new day.

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