(1310-05-08) A Rocky Start
Summary: Aziza makes her way to Marsilikos after an attack in northern Caerdicca Unitas
RL Date: 08/05/2018 (OOC date)
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Tue May 08, 1310 — Ducal Palace - Great Hall

It was a rough trip to Marsilikos….we weren't even supposed to be heading there but to the City of Elua.

As my caravan was traveling through the northern section of Caerdicca, we were attacked. Everything up until this point was great. My meetings with the nobles, heading to the capital, and all that was smoothing. But as soon as we neared the border it seems that raiders saw fit to attack my people.

This would not stand.

Unfortunately I lost half of my guards in the skirmish and I myself was wounded in the process. Luckily I was not in my court garb but leathers at the time or else I might have been hurt more so than I was.

We arrived in Marsilikos…just five of my men and I. I must have passed out at some point….I don't remember some of the journey from our escape and reaching the palace but I was awoken by voices. I knew my men were uneasy but I'm glad I was awake to speak to the Duchesse. Her Grace was more than kind to give us refuge and healers. Normally I would just do it myself but I was in no condition to go looking for herbs.

Let's hope that my cousin is not too angry when I send word of what happened. We all have one trait in common: tempers. I'm sure if it was anyone else he'd not be as upset but when it comes to me…he acts more like a father than a cousin.

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