(1310-04-26) Written in the Stars
Summary: After a day packed with revelations and surprises, Desarae writes down her thoughts in her journal.
RL Date: April 26, 2018
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April 26th, 1310

Quiet cushions the Valerian dormitory. The hour is a little before three in the morning, and Desarae is out of bed, a blanket wrapped about her shoulders as she pens another entry into her journal.

April 26th, 1310

Imogen is in love! It has been very sudden, and she confides that she did not tell me before today as she has only known the Vicomte d'Aiglemort for two days. Perhaps this is what it is like when it is Naamah's will for two to be together? They plan to marry, or so they say. But I worry. As much in love as they are, his gift to her was a tiny statuette that could fit in the palm of her hand. What kind of present is that? It was so very plain to my eye, and fashioned not from gold but from one of the cheaper metals instead. Poor Imogen. I hope that the strings of his purse open wider than that in the future.

But I have something else to write this night beyond the tale of my cousin and the love she has found, and that is of another gift received by myself this night. An intricate garter of sorts that is fashioned from silver and diamonds, and designed to be cinched about the top of my thigh. I am wearing it now. It is delicious how it pricks my skin with each movement I make, forcing my thoughts to turn time and again to the giver of it.

I must learn more of the stars.

Pen laid to one side, Desarae reads through her entry, the flat of one hand pressing lightly to the side of her leg. The smallest smile pulls at her lips as a breath is drawn with the pricking to her skin, and after dusting the ink to dry it, she lays a faded ribbon across the pages to mark her place, folds the journal closed and retreats to her bed. To sleep, to dream of stars and gifts — both suitable and un…

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