(1310-04-24) While He Sleeps
Summary: As the day comes to an end, Imogen writes her thoughts on her new aquaintence and possible future husband
RL Date: 4/24/2018
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Tue Apr 24, 1310 — Ducal Palace - Comte de Florac Suite

The sun sets on another spring day, it is still a bit early for bed, but while most nobles are still up and about, Imogen finds herself sat at her desk, with only the soft sounds of a snoring Viscomte intterupting the peaceful sounds of a spring evening. Her quill hovers over the paper, hesitent to write as if the entire world will be privy to every word she writes down. But with a shake of her head and reluctant sigh, she begins to just write, deciding if it's too terrible she can just cast it into the fire.

I've never been very big on keeping a diary. At my age and rank the entries are relatively mundane. I've written before about notable assignations, or patrons, my debut, and of course the day i completed the last bit of my Marque, but today is the first time i'm writing despite that nothing has truly happened yet.

I met a man while enjoying Auntie's rooftop garden today, Viscomte Timeo Isidore d'Aisglemort. He is everything I am not, athletic, strong, good with horses and weapons, and he is in Eisande looking for a mereliot bride. So of course I made a joke, and I flirted. I'm a former courtesan I can't NOT do that, it's in my blood! But he decided he liked my spunk, or found me charming, or pretty, or one of those things. So we spent the day together, in auntie's rooftop garden, at a local tavern in town, strolling about Mersilikos, it truly was a lovely day.

Now I'm writing this diary to the sounds of his snores echoing off the wall.

I arranged to meet with Auntie tomorrow afternoon, and in the morning he's going to send word to his cousin, the Duke d'Aiglemort, if both agree then we will marry. Now I haven't lost my head of course, this is not entirely a love match. I could certainly grow to love him and he to love me. But he must marry within a year or so on orders of his duke, meanwhile my eldest half brother is dead to illness and my younger halfbrother is in the church, all that is left of the de Florac branch of the mereliots is my father, my sister, and I, so the duty falls upon me to marry young and start having heirs.

I don't know if auntie will say yes. I know relations with the Aiglemorts have been tough, but this marriage should help to promote greater understanding between our people, and will perhaps lead to more intermarriage and even better relations between the two provinces. So I think there's a chance unless this all somehow conflicts with any ambitions she might have. It's the Duc d'Aiglemort that i remain unsure of for an answer, but I can hope and pray that the answer is yes, for I truly believe that, not only is this a good match, but it's a match I can find happiness in.

Anyways I should go, Tim might wake up any moment, and I really would rather he didn't see me writing this, especially with how sentimental it's gotten. Wish me luck on getting this approved diary!

Having written all that is on her mind, Imogen blows lightly on the page before her, allowing the ink to dry, before closing the 'diary' and placing it back in the drawer. Then before Timeo can wake and ask what she's doing, she hurries back into bed with him, planning on an early night.

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